Urban Vegecation - For Growing Minds


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Urban Vegecation - For Growing Minds

About Urban Vegecation

Urban Vegecation gets kids excited about good, healthy food. In our Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program, chef volunteers are paired with elementary school classrooms (grades 1-3 for the primary program, 4-6 for the intermediate) to give students hands-on experience growing and cooking their own food.

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Mail Donations To:

Urban Vegecation
2600 - 1055 King St
Toronto Ontario
V6E 3P3

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Get Involved!

If you would like to join our team, please check out the volunteer page. If you are a teacher and would like our program in your class, see the teacher section of the home page. Your contribution can help us reach more kids. To donate, visit our donation page.

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